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    > lapsuslles africains ne prononçant pas les “r”, pour un esclave et ses descendants : profitation devient “pwofitasyon”, contre devient kont, etc…Va pour « contre » prononcé [kõt], mais si le [r] disparaissait tjs sans laisser de trace, « profit » donnerait [pofi]. Comment expliquez-vous son remplacement par [w] ? tjs et seult après occlusive bilabiale ( [pw], [bw], [mw] ) ? Je ne connais rien au… au quoi ? aux [keol] ?

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    — 22 mars 2010, 10:19 Pour info Starbucks développe toutes ses unités en propre partout dans le monde, ce n’est donc pas un franchiseur. On cite souvent l’exemple de cette marque car elle jouit d’une notoriete importante (10 saisons de Friends sont passées par la..), mais ça les a pas empechés de fermer la moitié de leurs points de ventes en Australie en 2008 et plusieurs centaines de points de vente au US. Leur concept est bon mais les emplacements ne sont pas tous rentables.

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    Ich verstehe nicht, warum Promblem anzusprechen bedeuten soll, dass man sich darüber lustig macht? Ob Bulimie-lernen oder Bulimie, wir müssen doch alle Probleme ernst nehmen, wenn wir etwas verbessern wollen. Was hat das denn mit Diskriminierung zu tun? Oder findet Ihr etwa, das Menschen, die an Ess-Brechsucht leiden, ein “Recht” darauf haben sollten?…

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    Heh. He does bear a strong resemblance to Steven Tyler, at that!Don’t sweat missing a day; there are comics out there that are remarkably proliferate if they update once a week! You do well, and we will do what we can to support you.(Personally, I can’t support you financially – not poor, just broke – so I vote every day.)

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    Мне вот интересно, Сенатор, Джиниус, Сенатор-Джиниус и Кот Торч – это 4 ипостаси одного человека?))) Как-то в этом раунде ритмический рисунок у тебя и Кота похож :D Паливо!))

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    he was requesting a brief recess in the middle of trial to celebrate his daughter bringing home a white baby as opposed to the chance that she might go to Africa and bring home a black one? Do you think Judge Wood would have said in that case they’d hold poetry readings by Maya Angelou to celebrate? No, she’d sanction his ass.

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    I lost 80 pounds on Atkins, and am now on lifetime maintenance. So I’m glad to see articles like this, but hummus, fruit, sweet potato casserole, and couscous? Unless you’re maintaining, most of these aren’t really low-carb choices. I wish this article were headed with “South Beach” instead of “Low-Carb”, because the diets can actually be wildly different.

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    banks”? they … banks”? they screwed up so they should off. Free rides don`t come along everyday. And Germany wants Greece to stay in EU just like US wants UK to stay in EU. All those countries should be independent and take care of their own people. The only thing that EU politicians are good at is printing cash and they seem to like it.

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    I have a hard time making friends now that I'm a mama. I think it's because we always talk about our kids, so the friendships feel very surface. I have been trying to cultivate closer friendships by inviting different families from my local AP group over for dinner. It's working a little bit better – the adults get more time to talk (over wine!) as the kids play.It's rough, I agree. I lurve lurve lurve my bloggy friends – I wish I could reach out to some of them more!

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    The underlying fabric of every "news" broadcast is woven with opinion and dyed with a political agenda.Take your blinders off before suggesting others fine-tune their focus, kennedy.Olbermann and Beck aren't the most persuasive purveyors of propaganda. That award goes to the "news" outlets that have convinced you they are devoid of such shenanigans.

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    it is the gay takeover of the media that has given rise to hysterical, nonsensical stories…it is an agenda not reporting….and because this country has lost its moral will we deserve what we get…the loss of moral willpower is the first sign of the end…it is amazing to me that other empires who fell through decadence hasn't served to enlightened America…instead they call themselves progressives…and its the Jews, supposed masters of the press, who will get the backlash…and the same thing happened in Weimar Germany bringing about the call for a strongman to clean up the mess…

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    che “tutti siamo chiamati a verificarli”…. Ma cosa?Siamo chiamati a verificare gli esiti del dopo decesso. Bella forza, e chi può testimoniare ciò che ha ,eventualmente, verificato?Quale idea ha Minstrel del concetto di verifica?A questi patti, ognuno può affermare ciò che vuole, si resta nell’ambito delle credenze,la verifica dov’è?

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    Claire- For the tofu and spices there is about 120 calories (with reduced fat vegan mayonnaise). That said, substitutes for mayo could include mustard or BBQ sauce- both of which would give you some really yummy flavors. I hope that helps and let me know what you think!

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    Having visited for several years the battlefield cemeteries and memorials of the Sommehaving lost a Grandfather there (it is an emotive place still for generations that have followed). I will be following your progress via your website with great interest.Good luck to all on this project.

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    Yaseen,I am not sure you understand English. I asked for an elaboration, not a translation – if you don’t want to elaborate, you are free not to. And readers are then free to interpret what they want of your comment about “Muslims having one more reason to do what they have to do”.

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    Jim, I think that you make a good point about the multi channel world. Different audience segments require different approaches. Sure, Gen Y maybe ok with social media alone but other Canadians, such as my parents, don’t even have internet access but would stop at a Canada pavillion at the Stampede and would like printed materials. The point is that you have to use different channels to reach different people effectively.

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    Gillar att man återigen från Luleåhåll pratar om Skellefteå. Söta ni är :) Tyvärr måste jag säga att man inte ägnar er några större tankar tillbaka. Har aldrig följt EHT och de flesta andra fans verkar inte heller tycka att det är intressant om man tittar till publiksiffrorna. Men, men, kul att detta är STORT för Lulefansen!

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    The Village Voice really was a Trotskyite rag of the worst kind, very anti-Israel and the type of "newspaper" which would have supported Adolf Hitler from August 1939 right up until June 22, 1941. As for the East Village, you are correct – it is a trendy overly expensive place with a Starbucks on virtually every corner. I always suspected that most of the readers of The Village Voice actually were trust fund babies who romanticized poverty by living like pigs in bug infested apartments and liked pretending that it was St. Petersburg, Russia in 1918.

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    Sergio, La mia affermazione non costituisce fonte?No.Ah!! e cosa vuoi che ti cerchi il nome del primo intelligentone di giornalista che ha coniato questo termine?Sarebbe un buon inizio.Non ho tempo da perdere.Pazienza. Poi per me che ci siano milioni di italiani che hanno accettato questo termine non significa niente.Uno spirito davvero democratico.Se è per quello milioni di italiani avevano votato anche Mussolini e quindi, avevano ragione anche allora?Reductio ad ducem. Thread chiuso! :-)

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    If i provide photos, will you be able to personalize mugs with the photo graphs i provide?We are planning a graduation session with some staff in the office and are looking in to this option as an useful gift for them. It is 6 people.Please let me know if you have any other creative ideas on what we can do.Thank youLindie

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    Iisi:Itseasiassa mä olen ajautunut samaan! Käytän Hauschkaa ja vähän muuta sekaisin. Huomasin minäkin, että se yksistään kuivattaa, mutta sekakäyttäjänä lopputulos on ihan hyvä :) Mua vähän ahdistaa aina, jos joku tietty sarja on “se ainoa oikea”, on hyvä kokeilla ja käyttää muutakin jo senkin takia, että suositusten mukaan iholle ei kannata käyttää monia vuosia vaan yksiä aineita vaan vaihdella niitä.

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    uuyyy si! Hubiera sido bueno que alguien lo preparara a uno para los llantos! Yo no estaba preparada y varias veces me puse a llorar a la par de él. Pensaba que mi hijo tenía algo malo, no creía que fuera normal! A los meses se convirtio en un bebe super risueño y siempre felíz, pero recuerdo los primeros días con mi bebe más agotada que si hubiera hecho un triatlón!

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    Ich freue mich jetzt schon auf den Karneval der Kulturen 2012! Bin 2011 extra aus Schwerin angereist und es hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt. War einfach eine super multikulturelle Stimmung dort und ich bin mit vielen netten Menschen aus allen Kulturkreisen in Kontakt gekommen und habe interessante Gespräche geführt.Vielleicht sehen wir uns ja dort!lgCarina

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    Such a pretty vignette Lynne! I love spooners too- think they are wonderful to use as vases for my flowers when they are not holding silverware. Your little P angel is so cute too. I found some like that at Hobby Lobby- they were 'O's which is not even one of the letters in our names but thought they looked like they were peeking from wreaths. I painted them white and use them around Christmas.bee blessedmary

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    "there's no factual basis for his claims, other than wholly discredited conspiracy theories regarding President Obama's ineligibility to hold office".Well, if Pelosi, Snopes, Fogbow and Factcheck says Obama is eligible, then it must be true! Ms. Bakalar, please do your homework before you make uninformed statements like this.

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    Igaz… a mostanában kiadott könyvek legtöbbjénél visszatérÅ‘ probléma a felületes szerkesztés.Hogy csak egyetlen példánál maradjak, a Katedrális Hanna szerkesztése/nem szerkesztése által katasztrofális. És ez szinte már tendencia a Delta és a Cherubion kiadványainál.Laura

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    OK i am a conservative republician and i dont even believe in global warmin. Mother nature is doing 98% of global warming and we are doing the other 2% so all those freaks that say that we caused global warming are wrong, i believe that we should do things like recycle but dont go to crazy, and they say that were running out of oil, well we still have enough oil for the next 100,000 years.

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    El turibus del DF es bonito y en vez de guia hay una grabación, que oyes solo si deseas. A trying le gustó mucho cuando fuimos al DF y. creo que eso influyó en que decidieramos subir a este.Creo que te gustaría Times Square, el tumulto no es tanto y te entretienes viendo a la gente, luego les contare de nuestroa visita de ncohe =) (yo tambien tengo miopía jeje)

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    disse:Julio…Tem várias opções, como por exemplo:Instale um sistema operacional mais leve, instale um pacote de codecs atualizado, desative fundo de tela carregado e animações do sistema, etcAtt.

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    Je plussoie !C’est avec amour que je fais cela religieusement tous les vendredi soirs…Et également ok pour le nettoyeur à pinceaux. C’est pas mal lorsque tu veux maquiller quelqu’un d’autre et désinfecter sur le coup, mais cela ne nettoie pas complètement.Rien ne vaut le savon de Marseille de mamie une fois par semaine !

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    Hello Carrie – You make some interesting points … however, Pinot Noir is indeed the dominant varietal in Southern Oregon … in the Umpqua, 10x more Pinot is produced than any other red varietal, and even in the Rogue, Pinot outproduces it’s nearest rival by almost 2:1.

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    One of the British monarchs, I believe it may have been Victoria, once observed that too much public exposure adversley affected the aura of a leader and reduced his or her effectiveness. This had to have been bu-sh’s 4th or 5th public announcement on this issue in the past week. True enough, most of them were drive-bys, but I don’t remember any president doing such a thing during my lifetime. I don’t even think that FDR made so many comments about the economic crisis during any given week.

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    Andy,Balanced4 is a very powerful ranking system, IMHO, that is worth playing with and tweaking. I have a couple of variants that I have made public (Balanced4b and Balanced4c); I am keeping Balanced4e private for now.Cheers,-Bill

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    I have a collection of short stories by this writer about a detective of his who lived in 18th century America. A revolutionary War era detective. I think the first of that kind (18th c America, that is) in detective fiction. De la Torre's Dr. Sam Johnson stories were earlier in the genre's history and of the same time period but set in England, of course. Can't remember the title of that book or the character's name, though. These stories with the comic sound great. I'll have to track them down.

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    I do enjoy the manner in which you have framed this particular difficulty plus it does indeed offer me personally a lot of fodder for consideration. Still, thank you for this fantastic piece.

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    Howdy just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same results.

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    I hope you like it. After this discussion I dug out my own copy and started rereading it. It is a very challenging notion. It seems to be the default to want to protect and nurture our own parents. I think it is possible to have compassion for our parents and ourselves in the same situation. It is kind of hard work but there are moments that I achieve it. It isn’t static of course, but there are moments. I have to say that I have benefitted from reading Miller tremendously, I hope she resonates in the same way for you.

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    also ich habe mir die fl iwd 6145 vor knapp 5monaten gekauft , ich war am anfang mit den preis leistungs verhältniss sehr zufrieden. bis vor einer woche mir komplett die maschine ausgelaufen ist obwohl filter ect alles sauber waren , da ja die maschine so lange pumpt bis genügen wasser hat hatte ich eine schöne überraschung, wo die wschküche unter wasser stand, da konnte ich erstmal 2 volle eimer wasser wegwischen….

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    Nice Bob, good story. Planned to go up the Waitaha this summer but it came to naught with other commitments. From hearing friends stories the track is pretty good these days, although it sounds like Dickie Spur is the best way to get in there.Was browsing old Alpine journals the other day and stumbled on your article on Vern Leader, really enjoyed the old photographs of the Silverpeaks, where my mates and I taught each other to tramp. Places like that don’t change much.Take careJamie

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    No tenía constancia de que existía esta actividad en mi facultad. Me parece muy interesante ya que la existencia de un cineforum enriquece y cultiva de alguna manera al alumnado, a partir de ahora asistiré a las que pueda.

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    To my mind that is exactly right. However, I know of a major Ivy League 3-year fellowship that expects 3 years to be spent on the first book. I find that baffling. As a postdoc you have few teaching obligations and almost no committee/service work….why would it require three years to transform your diss to a book in that environment? This particular app does allow you to *optionally* propose a second project for the third year, and I recommend that all applicants do that.

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    Jeg er bestemt heller ikke til det strømlinede – slet ikke, og forstÃ¥r intet af, hvordan folk kan hygge sig i sÃ¥dan nogen kliniske hjem. Ikke at her er beskidt eller roder specielt, men her er farver, masser af planter, og Gud forbyde det mørkt træ ogsÃ¥… det eneste hvide her er en knage, en lille hylde og væggene, hvilket jeg ogsÃ¥ regner med at lave om pÃ¥ et tidspunkt. Men man er bestemt ikke i tvivl om, at det ikke er “en udstilling”.

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    We just experienced our first Lau gig & loved it – Winchester in that quaint place with a library – awesome!We actually live in Dorset & have a recommendation for a venue for you… ever heard of a pub called the Square & Compass in Worth Matravers? It would be great to see you play there… cool pub with a stunning view – keep us posted!

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    Lovely pic of aditi..Surprising name..davasam..maybe it means something good in another language!Is Kadambam in Jayanagar 3rd block (opp NMKRV college) still open? the puliyogare there was lovely..(BTW I had mailed u, hope u recd the attachments!)

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    How funny! The baby maker I used before we had our little girl was WAY off (thank goodness!). So, I think we need to be BFFs. I'm married to a State Trooper and our little girl is Ella Kate, too! So happy I ran across your blog.

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